“Tutors SA is an established tuition institute located in Adelaide, South Australia, having expertise in providing small group and individual tutoring for students from school years Reception – Year 12 and tertiary level. Our highly qualified and experienced team of tutors is committed to the success of every student in all subjects by delivering high-value tutoring services at affordable rates. To maintain a high standard, we follow the Australian curriculum for years Reception – 10, and SACE curriculum for years 11 – 12, and support IB (International Baccalaureate) on an individual basis. We specialise in Mathematics, English, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Psychology, Legal Studies, Nutrition, Information Technology, Research Project, UCAT, and accelerated learning courses such as the Extension Classes and ACER and Ignite Scholarship preparation.”

Who We Are

Tutors SA was founded in 2011 by Dr. Don Wenura Dissanayake, a research scientist in one of the leading organisations in Australia with a relentless passion and recognised ability to teach. Don has an extensive and successful tutoring experience of over 15 years for school years 5 – 12, all mathematics, physics, as well as undergraduate engineering and mathematics subjects. Under his mentorship, Tutors SA has successfully provided small group tuitions with highly positive impact on students’ performance in various subjects.

Tutors SA consists of a panel of highly experienced and qualified tutors. Most of our tutors possess postgraduate qualifications including PhDs and master’s degrees. All our English tutors are registered school teachers with several years of experience and relevant qualifications.

Our complete focus is on ensuring the success of students by helping them achieve thorough subject knowledge and understanding that reflects in their school grades as well as future endeavors.


Our teaching methodology is well-planned, structured and student-centered where we measure and improve the academic progress of our students in their respective subjects.

Our highly qualified and experienced panel of tutors teaches concepts with set lessons coupled with examples and regular practice. Our tutors mentor students in a highly professional environment through an explicit teaching method with a clear structure that helps students gain a high level of understanding while improving their unique learning abilities. We conduct regular class tests, assessments and provide weekly homework to improve students’ ability to perform well under exam conditions.

We conduct regular discussions with students to gain better understanding of their capability, confidence and ambitions and aspirations. We also provide regular feedback to parents and students to track their progress and encourage achievements. Our Study Programs for each year are designed in a way that maximises the students chance of success in respective subjects.


Tutors SA aims at ensuring the academic excellence of our students, we implement and achieve our high standards by carefully screening and selecting the best tutors who are highly motivated and committed for student success.

We are specialised in providing highly successful small group tuition in a unique manner, and have developed a reputation for improving core skills of our students with their long-term goals in mind for a sustainable development. We also provide individual tutor support when required. As a new initiative, we are focused on enhancing students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects.

Our elite panel of tutors uses innovative teaching methodologies and follows set lessons, examples and practice to teach concepts in-depth. Our students get weekly homework, which reinforces the learning process and promotes improvement in their grades. In addition, our regular mini-class tests and frequent feedback to parents are designed in a way that enable us to evaluate the progress of students and to mentor them to become better learners and achievers.



Our tutors are highly experienced in tutoring primary, middle, and high school levels as well as tertiary level; they have a collective teaching knowledge that complies with our high standards. Many of our tutors have gained experience in their respective disciplines in world-class organisations and leading educational institutions in Australia.

All our tutors are highly focused on our students’ achievements. Most of our tutors possess postgraduate qualifications including PhDs and master’s degrees. All our English tutors are registered school teachers with several years of experience and relevant qualifications. In exceptional situations, we also have tutors who achieved 99.95 ATAR in SACE with several subject merits.

With such high level of qualifications blended with our teaching and tutoring experience along with our industry exposure, places us in a great position to assist and mentor our students in the best possible way.


    • A highly cared, student-centered service
    • Highly qualified and experienced teachers & tutors
    • Small group tuition (maximum 10 students per class)
    • Affordable rates
    • Explicit teaching methodology
    • Free homework help sessions
    • Regular assessments to measure student progress
    • Regular homework to reinforce the learning
    • Structured exam revision programs for SACE Stage 2 exams
    • Regular feedback to parents
    • Advice on subject selection and career pathways
    • A special focus on study ethics and discipline with long term achievements in mind
    • Safe and secure learning environment with good facilities


Our Team