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What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN is the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, a standardised test developed to test students in school Years 3, 5, 7, 9 from ALL schools, on the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills that every student needs to succeed in school and beyond.


Furthermore, it assesses students’ skills in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and numeracy. The test results are used to measure individual and collective student performance, as well as to inform school and government education policies.

Is it essential to prepare for NAPLAN?

Whether NAPLAN preparation is essential depends on individual perspectives and circumstances. Some argue that NAPLAN preparation can help students become more familiar with the test format and question types, reducing anxiety and increasing their confidence, leading to better performance. 


Others believe that excessive focus on NAPLAN preparation can divert attention from more meaningful and authentic learning experiences. Ultimately, it’s up to each student and their families to determine the level of preparation that is best for them.

Did you know? – NAPLAN is in March 2024

In 2024, NAPLAN tests will be held from March 13 – 25. Visit here for the NAPLAN test window infographic.

When is NAPLAN relevant?


During a child’s natural transition from primary to high school.


To guide placements in future primary or high school classes.


To identify students who are underperforming and need of extra help.

How Tutors SA Can Help Your Child in NAPLAN (For Year 3 and 5 Only)?

We are delighted to inform you that Tutors SA has developed well-structured NAPLAN preparation courses for students in school years 3 and 5


Our experienced tutors practice proven methods to ensure that students receive the right guidance and mentoring as well as the knowledge to excel in the development of literacy and numeracy skills necessary to achieve best possible outcome in NAPLAN assessments.

Help your child to boost their confidence with our face to face NAPLAN courses in Adelaide

Why choose Tutors SA?


Learn from an experienced team of tutors.


Personalised teaching in a small group setting.


We help boost students’ confidence to achieve their desired results


Safe and secure learning space for a great learning experience.


Constructive feedback to students to improve confidence in taking NAPLAN.

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ACER Scholarship | Ignite Entry Exam
Hardy Mehta
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ACER Scholarship | Ignite Entry Exam
N Subasinghe
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