Denise Kreuch

Science, STEM

PhD Candidate (Medicine), The University of Adelaide; Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), The University of Adelaide; Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), The University of Adelaide

Denise is a PhD candidate based at SAHMRI but can often be found at the Gastrointestinal Unit at the RAH. Denise completed a BSc (Biomedical Science) degree being awarded the School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences Level 2 Biochemistry Prize, the Faculty of Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, and finished with a GPA of 7 allowing her to enter a fast tracked PhD pathway. As part of her PhD studies, Denise presented a poster on how low-calorie sweeteners disrupt the gut microbiome in healthy subjects in association with impaired glycaemic control at the Florey Postgraduate Poster Conference, in September 2018, in Adelaide; and won the Florey Medical Research Foundation and the Northern Communities Health Foundation prizes for the poster presentation. In addition to the research studies Denise enjoys demonstrating practical classes for Physiology IIA and IIB at the University of Adelaide. Previously, having volunteered in the capacity of a Peer Assisted Study Session Leader for Foundations of Chemistry IA and IB, Biology I: Molecules, Genes and Cells; and Human Perspectives, Biochemistry II Molecular and Cell Biology; and Metabolism at the University of Adelaide, Denise has discovered her passion for education and passing on knowledge.

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