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Kaushalya Perera

Maths Tutor

Graduate, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, B. Sc. Degree.

Kaushalya is a Maths tutor with over 15 years of formal teaching experience, primarily in International schools, including Colombo International School, Sri Lanka. She has also conducted private tutoring and small group classes to assist students in achieving higher grades and building confidence in their abilities.

Kaushalya finds it phenomenally satisfying to witness her past students improve immensely through private tutoring and excel in exams. She is known for being a passionate and skillful teacher, thriving in bringing out the best in her students.

As a compassionate and dynamic Math Teacher, Kaushalya is committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages productive learning of basic Math concepts. She excels at determining students’ strengths and weaknesses, crafting lesson plans accordingly. Kaushalya is enthusiastic about making learning exciting and enjoyable, prioritizing students’ success and holistic development.



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