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Le Jiang

Maths and ACER/Ignite tutor

Physics, Chemistry and General Science.

Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine (Flinders University; current)

Le is an accomplished tutor in Mathematics, as well as ACER/Ignite courses. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Clinical Sciences, Le’s academic journey features a Headstart scholarship at the University of Adelaide, focusing on Human Anatomy, Physiology IA & IB.

With a track record of excellence, Le has successfully completed the ACER/ IGNITE program at a local high school and currently holds a role as a Student Ambassador at Flinders University. Le’s teaching expertise spans various subjects, including Physics Stage 2, Maths Methods, ACER/Ignite Maths, and General Maths. This extensive experience equips Le to guide and support students effectively across diverse academic areas.






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