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Maeve Cullinane

Maths & English Tutor

Bachelor of Education (Honours), Mary Immaculate College.

Maeve, a dedicated educator with a profound commitment to student-centered teaching, has cultivated a philosophy that places learners at the heart of the educational experience. With a specialization in Special Educational Needs, she has delved deeply into understanding the unique challenges and requirements of students with diverse needs.

Maeve’s educational journey has equipped her with the invaluable skill of adapting teaching methods to provide comprehensive support for all students, irrespective of their individual needs. Her approach is rooted in the belief that every student is unique, possessing a set of individual strengths and abilities. She is resolute in fostering a stimulating learning environment that not only recognizes these individual attributes but also motivates students to engage with the learning process in a manner that resonates with their distinct personalities.

Maeve’s commitment extends beyond conventional teaching methodologies. She seeks to provide a learning experience that goes beyond standardized approaches, tailoring her methods to suit the specific learning styles of each student. She firmly believes that the key to a child’s successful education lies in acknowledging and nurturing their individual skills, attributes, and learning needs.

In essence, Maeve is a passionate educator who strives to create an inclusive and motivating educational atmosphere where students are empowered to thrive based on their unique capabilities. Through her unwavering dedication, she endeavors to lay the foundation for a successful educational journey that is not only enriching but also tailored to each student’s distinctive learning profile.



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