Mr. Atif Majeed

Maths, Physics

Atif is a Fulbright Scholar with an MBA in Technological entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from RPI, USA. He has an engineering background with Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering. Currently Atif is working as a Commercial Manager in Flinders University, managing IP commercialization, licensing and start-up launch planning.

Atif has worked as product development and marketing manager for multiple products and services. Moreover, in his capacity as Chief Marketing Officer of a Business Incubation Centre, Atif worked with more than 20 Tech –start-ups and designed their marketing strategies.

“I am associated with higher education sector for the last ten years and feel very excited to work with Tutors SA to bring quality tutoring to South Australia.  With competitive pressures and rising expectations, students need to excel and Tutors SA can help them in achieving their dreams and realizing their potential to the fullest. I believe that the location and facilities offered by Westminster School ideally match our vision and I look forward to work with parents and students to make quality tutoring affordable and accessible”

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