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Nipun Herath

Maths & Science Tutor


Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Current) (University of Adelaide) Certificate III in Business (Queensford College)

Joining in 2019, Nipun is our Mathematics tutor, as well as our Maths assessment marker for Tutors SA. Currently in their 4th year of their Medicine degree, specializing in surgery, Nipun has experience in tutoring for ACER/Ignite students, R-12 Maths and high school Sciences. Outside of his academic achievements, Nipun completed a service tour to Cambodia where he worked with Husk Cambodia to help rural communities with building projects using sourced materials. Whilst there he also worked with local schools teaching English to the students.

Being one of our younger tutors, his internal and extracurricular achievements have made Mr. Herath an exceptional tutor with admirable  communication and proactive teaching style.






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