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Rithik Dias –

Rithik Dias

Maths Tutor

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery current (University of Adelaide) Certificate III in Business (Queensford College)

Rithik is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide, and he holds a Certificate III in Business from Queensford College. His impressive academic journey and passion for education make him an exceptional tutor.

Rithik is not only a dedicated student but also an outstanding tutor. His credentials include achieving a UCAT score of 3060, which places him in the 95th percentile. This remarkable achievement underscores his profound understanding of the medical field and his ability to excel in highly competitive academic assessments.

Rithik’s journey into tutoring was marked by his extensive experience in mathematics education before joining our team. This background has molded his approach to teaching, making it proactive, adaptive, and progressive. He believes in fostering an engaging learning environment that encourages students to be curious, question assumptions, and continuously expand their knowledge.

One of the notable aspects of Rithik’s approach is his relatability to his students. As one of our younger tutors, he has a unique ability to connect with his students, creating a comfortable and motivating atmosphere. His personal experience with UCAT has given him the insight to not only teach the material but also provide valuable advice and strategies for success.

Rithik’s commitment to education and his dedication to his students’ growth make him an invaluable resource




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