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Ross Riach

Maths &  Science Tutor

Master of Education,(STEM & Leadership), University of Canberra, Bachelor of Education, University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Science (Experimental & Astrophysics), University of Adelaide.

Ross is a dedicated maths and science tutor at Tutors SA, bringing extensive expertise and experience to his teaching role. As a Nationally Certified Highly Accomplished Teacher, Ross specialises in SACE Physics for year 11/12, alongside a strong foundation in general science and mathematics across secondary levels. He holds a double degree in teaching and Physics and is currently pursuing a Masters in STEM education, reflecting his ongoing commitment to professional growth.

Ross’s teaching journey is complemented by a diverse work history spanning multiple industries, enriching his approach to education. His teaching style is characterised by its dynamism, engaging nature, and depth of knowledge. His recognition through awards and nominations underscores his dedication and effective teaching methods.

With a comprehensive understanding of SACE policies and curriculum, as well as experience with IB, Ross adeptly navigates various educational frameworks. He has previously tutored in private settings and contributed to the Department of Education’s Maths tutoring program showcasing his versatility in catering to different learning environments.

Ross’s tutoring approach is student-centered, fostering an environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking. He excels in simplifying complex concepts and tailoring his teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each student.

Students under Ross’s guidance not only gain subject proficiency but also develop a genuine interest in Maths and science, empowering them to navigate their academic journeys with confidence.