Sophie Yu

Maths, English, STEM

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), University of South Australia

Sophie is currently a registered teacher in Australia. Sophie has worked full-time for a year in an ELC attending to children aged 4-5 years old in Adelaide. Sophie was part of the ELC’s strong focus in developing the children’s understanding of STEM in the early years. She has planned hands-on learning experiences for young students to explore and learn within a variety of STEM projects. Since the start of 2019, Sophie has been teaching in DECD schools across different year levels from Reception to Year 7. She has a fast-growing experience in teaching Maths, English, and STEM, especially in junior and middle primary years. She is also a regular classroom teacher for two DECD schools. Her lessons and units are well-planned, progressed and structured, aiming for the academic success of each student in her class. She provides differentiation in her tutoring classes, where individual student’s unique abilities and skills are considered and catered for.  

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