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We specialise in Maths, English, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ACER/Ignite, SACE curriculum and more

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We have developed a reputation for improving core skills of our students with their long-term goals in mind for a sustainable development

Our Adelaide Tution Centres

Campbelltown Centre – Donash Education Centre

27 Montacute rd, Campbelltown SA5074, Australia

Mitcham Centre – Mitcham Girls High School

Kyre Avenue Kingswood SA 5062, Australia

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We are devoted to igniting student’s talents and unlocking extraordinary potential!

Tutors SA excels in delivering student-focused tutoring in Adelaide for Reception to Year 12, specialising in all maths, English, General Science, and core SACE subjects. We are Adelaide’s forefront in preparation for ACER® Scholarship (Primary and Level 1), Ignite Exam, and STEM Pathways entry tests. We are known for our offerings in special extension classes for accelerated learning for high achievers in Years 6-10 and comprehensive SACE Stage 1 and 2 programs, where we empower students to reach new heights in their academic journey to success.



Driven by our purpose “Inspire Learning,” we commit to providing students with the necessary tools for academic excellence. Our experienced and qualified tutors not only teach but also inspire a growth mindset, challenging students to expand their learning potential. Discover our leading tutoring services, including primary, private, and online tutoring in Adelaide. Become part of our community of high achievers today.

Hear from our parents & students

Saliya Perera
Saliya Perera
My daughter did the Ignite course there and it was excellent. The tutors were exceptional and the resources were wonderful. She also made some good friendships with the students there as well. Highly recommend!
Nishant Menon
Nishant Menon
Tutors SA is an integral part of our lives since 3 years now and how. It is what we build of it as the organisation is totally receptive of the feedback you provide. Over the years, it has brought in changes that benefit the participants and students. The newsletters, the constant communication updates and the teachers add value to your kid’s life. Don the Dean is a very humble person who has the resilience needed in a leader especially in the education environment. We have had so many constructive discussions but he has always the slightest despair into positivity by embracing the feedback and churning into a productive outcome. The kids who are the peers are equally bright or enterprising and utmost safe as never have I encountered an incident or concern with my kid being at Tutors SA. The reception and team is great to greet and build a rapport, they can be busy but will always reach out to you once you initiate a query or feedback. Thank you
Iresha Degamboda
Iresha Degamboda
Tutors SA truly deserves a 5-star rating! Both my daughters have been attending their Math lessons with Tutors SA for sometime now. They both feel more confident in their subject knowledge and also have improved significantly in their respective subject pathways. Not only are Don and his team incredibly knowledgeable in Math, but they also have a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand. They're patient, encouraging, and always make students feel comfortable while inspiring them to ask questions. If you're looking for a top-notch math tutor, look no further!
Tenishiya Abeysinghe
Tenishiya Abeysinghe
Accelerated scholarship preparation program is truly amazing. It covers exam techniques which helps to improve student confidence. Highly recommended. Thank you to all the teachers and staff…
namrata nath
namrata nath
The environment at tutors SA is very kind and nurturing and my son, who’d hated other tuitions previously enjoyed his time here. He has markedly improved in his maths and writing.
Vishal Dhingra
Vishal Dhingra
I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible impact Tutors SA has had on my daughter’s academic journey. Thanks to the exceptional guidance in both math and English. The dedication, expertise, and personalized approach have truly made a remarkable difference. Highly recommended!
nadee amaddoruge
nadee amaddoruge
The structure and organization you bring to the classroom have made a huge impact on my child’s understanding and progress. Your attention to individual needs is greatly appreciated. My son is being groomed well and I never regret enrolling my son in Tutors SA , keep it up!
sadeena weerakkody
sadeena weerakkody
I had the privilege of being a part of Tutors SA from upper primary through high school, and it was an incredible journey. The weekend classes were something I looked forward to, and the skills I gained remain valuable in my professional life. Five stars for Tutors SA. Thank you for the impactful learning experience!
mihiri vishwachandra
mihiri vishwachandra
As a previous student from Tutors SA I could not recommend this place enough. Genuinely helped me advance in my studies as well as build a love for studying too. Don and his team are excellent at what they do by creating a positive and engaging learning environment that encourages trial and error and promotes asking for help.

We are committed to making a difference in our students academic lives

As leading Adelaide tuition center, our complete focus is on developing flexibility in thinking and reasoning, changing attitudes toward learning, and encouraging intellectual independence. We follow the Australian curriculum for Reception to Year 10, SACE curriculum for Years 11 – 12. Additionally, we offer specialised tuition and support for ACER® (Primary & Level 1), Ignite and STEM Tuition and support IB (International Baccalaureate) on a group and individual basis.

High Standard Tutors

Most of our Adelaide tutors possess postgraduate qualifications including PhDs and master’s degrees. All of our English tutors are registered school teachers with several years of experience and relevant qualifications, and in exceptional situations, we also have local tutors who achieved 99.95 ATAR in SACE with several subject merits.

Australian Curriculum

Mapped to the Australian school syllabus, our face-to-face and online tutoring programs cover all academic levels. From Maths, English, and ACER/ignite programs, to Chemistry, Biology, Physics and general science; our tailored tutoring courses are designed to help students achieve superior results.

Regular & Unbiased Feedback

Upon request we conduct regular discussions with students and parents to gain better understanding of their capability, confidence, ambitions and aspirations.

We also provide feedback to track progress, encourage growth and celebrate achievements.

Scholarship & Accelerated Programs

Our highly successful and most sought-after scholarship preparation courses in Adelaide, (ACER® Scholarship Test and Ignite Entry Exam); as well as our extension classes for Year 7 to Year 9 aim to provide students with the mentorship and guidance to truly excel.

Small Group Tutoring

Our Adelaide tutoring programs for each year are designed to maximizes advancement, promote the integration of new knowledge, facilitate collaboration and encourage connections between likeminded students for a better chance of success in each respective subject.

One-on-One Tutoring

We focus on connecting private tutors and students for the best fit, ensuring their advancement and helping them achieve thorough subject knowledge and understanding.

autralia tutoring association

Australian Tutoring Association

Tutors SA is a proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). The ATA represents tutors and tutoring organisations and acts as an industry lobby group to:


  • Ensure students are provided the best possible service
  • To raise the standard of tutoring in Australia, and
  • Ensure organisations are acting ethically.



ACER®, Ignite & STEM Scholarships


Students Supported Since 2013


Adelaide Tuition Centres


Local Adelaide Tutors


Years of Tutoring Experience

ACER®, Ignite & STEM Scholarships
Students Supported Since 2013
Adelaide Tuition Centres
Local Adelaide Tutors
Years of Tutoring Experience

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Our first-class panel of Adelaide tutors uses innovative teaching methodologies to allow students comprehend concepts in-depth, improve study habits, structured study routines and work through their weekly homework while reinforcing knowledge to promote improvements in academic grades.


We are committed to helping children of all academic levels overcome their learning obstacles, improve their performance and develop long-term learning skills for a brighter future.


We specialise in Mathematics, English, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Psychology, Legal Studies, Nutrition, Information Technology, Research Project, UCAT, and accelerated learning courses such as the Extension Classes and ACER®, Ignite & STEM Scholarship preparation.

Meet the Adelaide Team

Maths Tutor - Adelaide Tutors - Tutors SA

Dr. Suzanne Mashtoub

Biology, Chemistry, Science, Maths, STEM

Maths and Physics Tutor

Dr. Don Wenura Dissanayake

Maths, Physics, STEM

English Tutor - Adelaide Tutors - Tutors SA

Kathryn Drillis

English, Research Project

Lincy V, ACER/Ignite
Our daughter was offered an entry into IGNITE program at Glenunga. In addition, our daughter also obtained a scholarship offer from one of the prestigious private schools in Adelaide. Without help from Don and team this would have been impossible. Don and team was always ready to help when we needed it. Don have also provided us with valuable advice on which school to choose, details of course etc. I would definitely recommend Tutors SA for anyone who is preparing for the ACER/IGNITE Program.
Shalika J, ACER/Ignite
“I liked the personal attention and guidance, weekly homework tasks and monthly tests provided by Tutors SA. I believe that the personal attention given to each student with the carefully designed course and model papers covering the critical areas being tested in IGNITE were most helpful for my child to succeed in this exam. The challenging questions were pushing my child to explore more possibilities and to improve her critical thinking.
Parent of Alumni Students
Both my children started Uni today. Thank you for your great teaching, advices and support given over the years. I was able to get my son on track because of your involvement a few years back. Thank you. In Tutors SA’s 2018 records of achievers, you have all the rights to state 97.35 ATAR as well.
Neetu K, ACER/Ignite
I like how the ACER/IGNITE course offered at Tutors SA provides all students with a large supply of resources that helps in learning. Tutors SA helped my child to gain the experience, knowledge and courage, training them for what they will encounter during the test. They have provided a quality tutoring service which my child has greatly benefitted from
Parent of ACER/IGNITE Student
I would like to thank you all for guiding and coaching him for his ACER and IGNITE exams. Every child is talented in his/her own way but to bring out the talent in them is very essential and this is done by the teachers. He has enjoyed his classes with Tutors SA and it has given him the confidence to take up such exams. It has made him realise his capabilities and strengths.
Richard Allen - SACE
I had a lot of issues with Physics and a few other subjects. The teachers here are very helpful and they made me understand tough concepts that helped me to get better grades. That is all I ever wanted, plus I feel less pressured and light.
Tharidu Maliduwa - SACE
I found the lessons and teachers to be very informative and helpful. I like the structure that Tutors SA uses, it is so easy to blend in, the teachers are knowledgeable and the environment is study oriented. I would definitely recommend other students to join Tutors SA.
Gemma Forbes - SACE
I really enjoy the methods used by Tutors SA. I like the fact that the lessons are not boring and I actually get to learn something. My grades started to improve, I was tuned into concepts than memorising things. Try them, they know what they are doing!
Damitha Perera - SACE
One of the best tutors I have had was from Tutors SA. It was a cool experience because my tutor would explain every single concept and even gave me some tips for exams which worked pretty well for me. I would give them 5 stars, they are a 5 star institution.
Thara Jayakody - SACE
Explains concepts and uncertain areas well and patiently until you are comfortable with it. Easy to approach for help and very supportive during important times like tests, exams and assignments. Was a student since the start of year 10 right through to the end of year 12 and I found it so helpful, definitely helped me improve a lot.
Adhyanth Rajesh - SACE
The best tutor I’ve ever had! Every concept, idea and tip were explained thoroughly until students were applying them consistently. Exam preparation was also short and crisp and included the entire year in a few lessons. If you want great results, this is the place to go!
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Our Adelaide Tutoring Centers

Campbelltown  Centre – Donash Education Centre

27 Montacute Road, Campbelltown SA 5074, Australia.


Mitcham Centre – Mitcham Girls High School 

Kyre Avenue Kingswood SA 5062, Australia.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tutoring Hours

Campbelltown  Centre:

Monday, Thursdays 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:45 PM

Sundays 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM



Mitcham Centre:

Monday 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Friday 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sundays 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM