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Embracing the future of education, we are proud to introduce the Tutors SA Hybrid Learning model. This flexible approach combines the best of both worlds, offering an enriched learning experience that accommodates individual needs and preferences. To ensure you’re fully equipped to make the most of this innovative offering, we invite you to explore our comprehensive “Tutors SA Hybrid Learning – How to Guide,” available HERE.

Hybrid Tuition Model at Tutors SA


In order to enhance the continuity of student learning, and to make our services accessible to all students through a Hybrid Tuition Model, we have state of the art facility, fitted each of our classrooms with a high-quality 4K resolution overhead conference camera, high-definition webcam, Wacom drawing pad, and high-resolution touch screen capabilities.


Whether a student joins the centre face-to-face, or online through our learning platform Spark*, we want to give all of our students the best opportunity to learn. Through these conference cameras, online students are able to view the lesson in high definition just like face-to-face students, they can interact with the tutors in live lessons, and even access our resources through Spark*.

All classes at Tutors SA are being delivered in a Hybrid format Zoom + Face-to-Face Check our guide and learn how to join our virtual classes on Spark*

  • Lessons are delivered face-to-face for those students attending the Centre.
  • Students can opt to attend lessons live online via Spark* Portal, by following the guide provided in this document.

  • View your child (or children) timetable/s and scheduled lessons from your Spark* account from your computer or mobile
  • View future and past lessons and all their details (location, etc).
  • Access assessment results
  • Access and download lesson resources
  • Pay invoices and view your payment history online
  • Join online lessons with a single click & much more

All new and existing students should have received an email from Spark* to create or activate an account.

In case you have not received an email from Spark* to activate an account or your are having issues accessing your profile, please email us at [email protected]


Once you log in, it is important you check and update your personal details by clicking the yellow ‘edit’ button under your profile picture.



NOTE: When you log into your Spark* account you will first have an overview of your Dashboard (As per image below). This will show all the information you have provided, as well as any classes and upcoming lessons you are currently on.


It is now easier than ever to pay online – simply click the PAY NOW button on the emails from Spark* to pay by credit card from our secure portal or do a direct bank transfer.
We Offer Flexible Payment Options
Would you like to pay by monthly instalments or as a 2-part payment? Send us an email at [email protected] with your request.

Stay on top of your child’s academic progress and weekly activities with only a few clicks!

New features will be added through the course of the year to allow a more seamless tutoring experience.