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Year 4 Maths Group tutoring

Tutoring involves a lot more than you might think!

A tutor’s job is to support and guide student’s learning in a more personalised and flexible way.

Although both teachers and tutors play important role in children’s learning, the best results often come when they work together. 

As per national guidelines, teachers often have to follow a standardized system of teaching in line with national education programs, this can sometimes limit the way children learn as they lack the time and space to provide in-depth attention and support where a student requires it most. By engaging with a tutor through one-on-one lessons, or small group tutoring classes, parents can help close the gap in learning by allowing their children to receive the support they need to meet their individual learning style.

What’s the role of a teacher?

Teachers main attention focus is directed towards a group. With each level and different learning styles, teachers have the challenge to cater for multiple students that require attention at the same time. 

  • They tend to lead large classes sometimes up to 30+ students
  • They are required to strictly navigate a national curriculum
  • In order to support class progress, teachers tend to use teaching methods and strategies that work for most students
  • They work under private or public institutions during school hours
  • Teachers need to have a bachelor’s degree, and those that work in public schools must also have a teaching license

What’s the role of a tutor?

An important practice of any great tutor is to help students work through the material being taught in school, and reframe it in a context that the student can understand in order to progress. Tutors help remove barriers in learning by adjusting the pace of teaching to match each child’s style. 

  • Tutors work on a one-to-one or in smaller group basis
  • They build on what’s taught in the classroom by expanding and supporting the national curriculum
  • They offer tailored sessions, provide individual teaching strategies and techniques to fit individual learners 
  • They help fill in any gaps in knowledge or learning techniques by helping with specific subjects, projects or skills
  • Tutoring offers a more flexible learning schedule and the opportunity for students to be paired with like-minded students
  • It encourages independent thinking and learning
  • Tutors have more flexibility on their qualifications, and most of them tend to be high achievers themselves with bachelors in Science, Physics, Languages and other areas. At Tutors SA, we pride on having a team of qualified professionals with Master degrees and PHDs helping us expand our viewpoint towards education

Tutoring has many different advantages as it offers an individualized and structured learning experience. Students who receive tutoring are:  


  • More prepared to set individual academic goals and implement strategies to reach them
  • Perform above average on standardized tests
  • Show higher levels of self-esteem and a more positive attitude towards academic performance as well as personal growth
  • Achieve better grades and have a better understanding of the subject they are working on with a tutor
  • Experience less stress, anxiety and frustration with school matters
  • Understand better their individual learning style and manage better their learning pace
  • Have healthier study habits and tools to avoid distractions, disruptions and procrastination
  • Are more responsible towards their individual progress and in managing his or her school work 
  • Are more independent and self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Feel more comfortable asking questions, participating in class and show more positive and collaborative behaviour

Every child and parent is different, that’s why it’s important to remember that different teaching styles and situations become key to determining successful learning.

Some parents feel unable to help their children with schoolwork, others may be looking to support a high achiever learner. Regardless of your individual goal, tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills to support all levels and skills. 


Our students come to us for many reasons and we love catering for their individual needs:

  • Develop a growth mindset to achieve specific milestones for a brighter future.
  • Accelerate learning and cultivate special talents.
  • Prepare for senior years.
  • Prepare for a Standardized Test (ACER/Ignite, IB)
  • Receive support while transition to a new school
  • Improve social and communications skills and overcome shyness to ask questions in class
  • Reinforce recent knowledge or learn about a particular subject that isn’t covered at school
  • Improve performance in a specific subject
  • Learn skills for better time management and keep up with grade-level expectations
  • Develop interest in learning and receive an expert opinion on assignments to avoid slipping grades and scores

Being mindful when choosing a tutor for your child is important! 

Good, proper tutoring aims to help students become independent learners, develop critical learning skills, and self-awareness so students can help himself/herself in the long run. At Tutors SA, we recommend parents carefully look for tutors who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly qualified. Although all these traits are important, personality and fit also play a significant role, so make sure your tutor ranks high on some of the below skills to guarantee a better experience.


  • Professional training and appropriate level of technical expertise to help students master and advance in a particular subject or skill area
  • Patience and the ability to remain calm and respectful
  • Enthusiastic
  • A strong desire to help, provide constructive feedback and encourage students to challenge themselves
  • Open-minded and a willingness to accept other people points of view
  • Empathy and the ability to feel what your child is feeling in order to relate to their struggles and provide the best support
  • Good communicator and listener to make students feel heard and valued, as well as help students, understand complex ideas
  • Problem-solving and the ability to identify solutions
  • Time management and the ability to cover all important matters while ensuring tutoring sessions don’t go overtime.

If your child is gifted tutoring may just be what they need in order to inspire them to excel in their learning journey.

Tutoring gifted students can help them reach their potential and raise the level at which they perform. At Tutors SA we are able to support gifted students with different services: 


  1. Pre-assessments – This is an excellent way for Gifted students to gather information on their academic level, what they can do and what they know. The data collected can provide insights to best challenge them and help them progress. 
  2. Extension classes from Year 6 to Year 10 – Gifted students don’t need more of the same, so by allowing students to cover a curriculum ahead of their school year we make sure they receive the support they need to use their new knowledge in different contexts.  
  3. Individual tutoring – Working one-on-one with a qualified tutor provides gifted students with the chance to delve deeper into topic areas they feel passionate about. 
  4. Small group tutoring – At Tutors SA we make sure we group students in ways that allow them to work with like-minded learners, these also embeds social skills to ensure students learn to work with others, as well as on their own. 

Our Tutoring experience

A more flexible approach in teaching methods to support our student’s individual needs.

Adelaide Tutoring

A highly passionate tutors panel offering wealth of knowledge and experience in broad range of fields.

Diversity of subjects

Our tutors’ backgrounds derived from a variety of specialities such as research scientists, senior lecturers and research fellows, engineers, mathematicians, and qualified school teachers.

Tailored to the student

We help students push their own individual limitations and rise confidence and self-esteem.

Highly qualified professionals

100% of our core panel of tutors are degree qualified and more than 57% holds PhDs or Masters degrees in their respective fields.

Registered and certified

Our English and Maths tutors are registered school teachers with several years of teaching and relevant qualifications.

ATAR & SACE achievers

In some exceptional situations, we also have tutors who had achieved 99.95 ATAR in SACE/IB with several subject merits.

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We are committed to making a difference in our student’s academic life and supporting students in becoming lifelong independent learners

With a high standard tutoring service our students can expect the best support in Mathematics, English, Science, and other relevant subjects. We achieve this through a great team of qualified and experienced tutors who are energetic, highly motivated and ready to mentor students to their highest standards. 


Tutors SA always look for passionate teachers to join our highly regarded team.

We thrive to provide a high standard of tutoring service in all subjects to our students. You will help us achieve this aim as qualified and experienced tutors and teachers, who are energetic and highly motivated, and are willing to push students to high standards through effective teaching methods.