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Sisanda Mhlanga

Science Tutor

Master of Philosophy (Medical Science), University of Adelaide. Graduate Certificate in Public Health, Flinders University. Bachelor of Health and Medical Science, University of Adelaide.

Sisanda is an exceptional tutor with a strong background in medical science and a deep passion for medical research and its positive impact on the community. She holds a Master of Philosophy (Medical Science) from the University of Adelaide, where she is currently completing her research on investigating the role of Emu Oil in children with ulcerative colitis to provide long-term remission. Her research is based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, highlighting her commitment to making a difference in the lives of young patients.

Prior to her Master’s degree, Sisanda completed a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science with an outstanding GPA of 6.875/7.0. Her academic excellence and fascination with health promotion led her to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from Flinders University. This diverse educational background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of medical science, research methodologies, and public health principles.

Sisanda’s passion for medical research is matched by her dedication to helping others succeed. With previous tutoring experience at the University of Adelaide, she has developed a deep understanding of the needs of students and how to support their learning journey effectively. Her academic history and expertise have shaped her into an understanding, compassionate, and well-versed tutor capable of assisting students at all levels.

As a tutor, Sisanda goes beyond imparting knowledge and seeks to inspire her students. She believes that education is a transformative process that extends beyond the classroom, and she strives to instill in her students a passion for lifelong learning and a curiosity about the world of medical science. Sisanda’s compassionate nature enables her to build strong relationships with her students, creating a supportive and nurturing environment where they can thrive academically and personally.

Sisanda’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with her genuine desire to make a positive impact on her students’ lives, sets her apart as an outstanding tutor. With her extensive knowledge, research experience, and understanding nature, she empowers her students to achieve their full potential and develop a deep appreciation for the field of medical science. Sisanda’s tutoring sessions are not only focused on academic success but also on fostering critical thinking skills, encouraging independent learning, and promoting personal growth.