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Hieu Nguyen

Maths Tutor

Hieu, our fantastic Math tutor at Tutors SA, brings a wealth of experience to our team. He studied and graduated with the prestigious IB Diploma in 2021-2022, achieving an impressive IB score of 42/45 and an outstanding ATAR of 99.20. With a background in volunteer tutoring, he initially launched and managed a school program, showcasing his leadership skills and passion for education. In addition to his volunteer work, Hieu has also excelled in the realm of private tutoring.

Notably, Hieu is not just a tutor but also an instructor, and his ability to connect with and inspire children is truly remarkable. Through his various teaching roles, he has consistently exhibited strong communication and mentoring skills. These qualities enable him to work with a diverse range of students, adapting his teaching style to suit their unique needs and delivering effective instruction. Hieu’s dedication to education and his natural talent for working with young learners make him a valuable asset to our team at Tutors SA.


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