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George Bartley

Science Tutor

Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor Medicine degree, Flinders University (Current).

Meet George, a passionate and accomplished Science tutor at Tutors SA. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine degree at Flinders University, George brings a wealth of academic passion and enthusiasm to his tutoring sessions.

With an impressive IB Diploma score of 42, George has demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency in his studies. Beyond academics, he’s also a force to be reckoned with in competitive chess, having participated in and contributed to team championships.

George’s tutoring style is characterized by his remarkable brightness and unwavering commitment to his students. He thrives on extracting the best from his students, fostering an environment where learning is both engaging and rewarding. His motivated passion for Science serves as a driving force behind his pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine degree, reflecting his commitment to furthering his understanding and expertise in the field.

Students under George’s guidance benefit not only from his academic knowledge but also from his genuine desire to see them excel. His dedication to empowering his students to reach their full potential makes him a cherished asset to the tutoring team at Tutors SA.