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Accelerated learning tailored for high achieving students 

Challenge your potential!

Inspired by like-minded, bright students with a strong work ethic. 

Reach your potential in Maths, English and General Science subjects at your own pace. These courses are a unique opportunity to work together in a small group setting to further prepare and excel in high school.



The pathway starts from the ACER® Level 1 Scholarship, Ignite and STEM  Entry Preparation Course, followed by a special stream of extension classes all the way up to Year 12, where students go through extension and accelerated learning following the Australian Curriculum. 



Accelerated learning - Extension classes Tutoring Adelaide

Is accelerated learning and extension courses a  good fit for you?

This is a great opportunity for those students who:

  • Have gone through the ACER/Ignite course at Tutors SA, or
  • Have been awarded Scholarship (ACER/ACEP) or entry into special accelerated learning programs such as Ignite, STEM Pathways, ALEAP, GifT and other similar programs, or
  • Have an interest in accelerated learning and  need to be assessed through Tutors SA’s free initial assessment.

Before students can enrol into our Extension group lessons, students are required to sit a FREE initial assessment for Maths and/or English at the Campbelltown Centre provided by Tutors SA.

Start planning for your senior years and aim for 99.95 ATAR now. Revisit Year 6 to 10 advanced topics when required for bridging


  • Faster pace of teaching
  • Topic enrichment
  • More exposure to challenging questions (application and problem solving type) to expand their thinking
  • Develops collaborative skills
  • Encourages risk taking
  • Improves time Management and Self-Motivation
  • Plan your way towards honor opportunities or scholarships