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From Reception to year 12, our Adelaide and online tutoring sessions cater for groups of up to 10 students

Our small group tutoring setting is an effective strategy to boost academic progress, promote collaborative learning, give students the chance to absorb more information and receive the individualised attention they deserve. 

Benefits of a small group tutoring approach

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Suits all types of learners

In a small group setting, private tutors can follow your child’s lead on how they like to work. This is crucial to take students from where they are to where they need to be, by providing individualised learning activities and attention.

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Addresses gaps in knowledge

Provides the opportunity for students to receive personal feedback , supports healthier study habits and offers customised strategies to encourage students towards self-directed and independent learning.

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Provides problem-solving skills

Clarifying a subject matter in a small group tutoring setting allows students to bounce ideas against others, helping students develop a critical mindset, and a sense of academic rigour.

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Provides a study routine

Students learn how to plan their time better and work through academic material in a more fluid but structured way. With regular small group tutoring students develop a routine that can support them during stressful times, like major exams or assessments. 

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Builds confidence 

Small group tutoring creates an opportunity for students to practice sharing their thoughts in a more open and receptive environment. Timid students learn how to make small risks, share their thoughts and ask questions building their confidence over time. 

Tutors SA - Adelaide tutoring

Fosters collaboration

Different perspectives and new peers create a fun, collaborative and high-energy environment. Students feel motivated to challenge themselves also learning from other students strengths. 

Year 7 English Group tutoring


We understand students have different academic levels and learning skills. That is why at Tutors SA we provide FREE Math & English Initial Assessments for Reception to Year 10 students who wish to enrol into our regular tuition classes.


Prior to enrolment, it is important we understand students capabilities to pair them with the right tutor and group with the purpose of giving them the best chance to succeed as well as monitoring their progress over time.

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