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Jamie – Tutors SA

Jamie Khoo

Maths & Science Tutor

 Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

Jamie is a dedicated Maths tutor at Tutors SA, where she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for tutoring to her role. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Jamie’s academic journey has been marked by excellence. She completed her SACE with outstanding results, achieving an impressive raw ATAR , a testament to her hard work and commitment to learning.

Jamie’s passion for teaching was ignited during her own educational journey, where she realised the impact a great teacher can have on a student’s life. This realisation has driven her to pursue tutoring, where she can impart her knowledge and skills to help students achieve their academic goals.

With a strong academic background and effective communication skills, Jamie is able to connect with her students and create a positive learning environment. She is dedicated to each student’s success, tailoring her approach to meet their individual needs and challenges. Jamie’s commitment to learning and teaching excellence makes her a valuable asset to the Tutors SA team.