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Kareem Raslan

Maths & Physics  Tutor

Bachelor of Science – Advanced, Theoretical Physics Major, University of Adelaide.

Kareem, our exceptionally talented Maths and Physics tutor at Tutors SA, brings a wealth of academic achievements and a strong passion for making a lasting impact in the field of Physics. Throughout his final years of his degree, Kareem has garnered two Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards from the prestigious University of Adelaide, highlighting his dedication and excellence in his studies.

Driven by their unwavering passion, Kareem actively engages in research and seeks to contribute meaningfully to the field of Physics. Their diverse experiences in both academia and industry have equipped them with a unique skill set, making them well-suited for a wide range of tasks within the scientific realm. Kareem’s commitment and ambition extend to their students as they strive to continuously push boundaries, ensuring continued success in their educational journeys.

With a comprehensive background in tutoring Mathematics and Physics for high-school and primary students, Kareem’s expertise also extends to programming. At Tutors SA, their proficiency in these subjects enables them to provide exceptional guidance and support to students of all levels. Whether it’s mastering complex mathematical concepts or unraveling the intricacies of physics principles, Kareem is dedicated to helping students overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Contact Tutors SA today to benefit from Kareem’s exceptional teaching abilities and unlock your true potential in Mathematics and Physics. Elevate your understanding, excel in your studies, and embark on a path towards future success with Kareem as your trusted tutor.

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